Additional events on the 15th September

Previous years 'special event' speakers include:

Felix Francis, Clare Mackintosh, Aoife Mannix, Malika Booker and Alycia Smith Howard.

Visit our 'Speaker Archive' page to see all of the speakers who have appeared at our events over the years. If you would like to speak at our event, please get in touch via our contact form.

  • 7.30pm - Jackie Hagan

    Comedy and Performance Poetry: Jackie Hagan is a writer and a performer. She writes multi-award winning plays, stand-up comedy, performance poetry and solo shows. She runs workshops to help people who have been silenced, failed, vilifies or forgotten to find their own voice. She received a Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship this year and toured this Spring with her 'This is Not a Safe Space' tour. Jackie is a working class, queer amputee. Powerful stuff.

    Ticket pricing to be released shortly and then these will be available via The Mill Arts Centre Box office.