• The Bad Bunnies Magic Show with Mini Grey

    Laugh out loud as Mini Grey reads from her novelty book ‘The Bad Bunnies Magic Show’. Enjoy the antics of the rabbit characters of Abra and Cadabra, and get to draw and create your own characters for your own surprise mini-books. Winner of many awards, Mini Grey is a visually exciting illustrator as well as a highly accomplished storyteller. Learn from the best.

    Timing : 12:30

    Suitable for : ages 5+


  • Caring for Pets

    Come and see Carly’s fabulous little zoo of pets, have a hold of them (under supervision) and learn how to handle and care for your own pets.

    Timing : 15:15

    Suitable for : All ages

  • Community Art, Music, Drama and Dance with NOA

    Join this fun kids workshop to see community art, music, drama and dance in action. This event is specially for up to 8 year olds but mums/dads can join in too: watch, learn and have a go yourselves. Unleash your talents.

    Timing : 12:30

    Suitable for : ages up to 8

  • Messy Read and Create with ‘The Mill’ Storyteller

    Join our Teddy Bear Picnic, with real teddies + you can bring your own too. Join the party and listen to Jess (The Mill Theatre) read from Miriam Moss’s ‘Bare Bear’ and then get stuck in with glue, paint, materials to create your own wooden spoon character to invite to the picnic.

    Timing : This session will run twice – if you miss the first session, please come to the second. First session at 11:00 / second session at 2.00

    Suitable for : up to age 7


  • Kids Cooking with Anneliese

    Encouraging children to cook is something Anneliese is passionate about so why not join her very popular kids cooking workshop at Banbury Literary Live – this year’s theme is Teddy Bear’s Picnic making fabulous teddy bear cookies. Anneliese, writer of the 'how to feed a family of four with £20 a week' blog has appeared on ITV's 'Mel & Sue' show (broadcast live!) where she cooked for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

    Timing : There are 2 sessions as this workshop is restricted to only 12 children per session – if you miss the first session, please come to the second. First session at 11:00 / second session at 2.00

    Suitable for : up to age 7

  • Doggie Tales with Sandra Williams

    Meet Squeak...Sandra is a local, part-time author who writes just for fun. Come and listen to the tales of Pip & Squeak, two adorable puppies, as they start their life in a new home, having all sorts of everyday adventures and meeting new animal friends along the way. Learn the trick of how to write a memorable short story and take part in a competition to win a copy of Sandra’s book ; The PipSqueak Tails.

    Timing : 14:00

    Suitable for : ages up to 8