• A World of Crime with Nigel Lumsdale

    Brackley writer and ‘Your Letterbox’ columnist, Nigel Lumsdale is the author of crime novel, ‘Three weeks, two lives, one end’- a thriller with more twists than an episode of Midsomer murders: from what should have been a straightforward investigation, the stones that are overturned by Brett and his new girlfriend, Lee, unravel crime beyond normal proportions. When they thought they were safe, they were not... when they thought they had a confidence in someone, they had not... Meet Nigel to discover more about this novel, why this genre and what else is to come.

    Timing : 11.00

    Suitable for : Adults and 16+

  • 5,742 Days with Anne-Marie Cockburn

    On July 20th 2013, Anne-Marie Cockburn’s 15-year-old daughter, Martha, swallowed 01/2g of MDMA powder (ecstasy) and died 3 hours later. Within hours Anne-Marie began to write down her feelings as a way to channel her shock and try to make sense of the tragic loss of her only child. 5,742 Days is the number of days Martha Fernback lived and this book is her mother’s real-time account of the first 102 days without her girl.

    Within a few months, Anne-Marie also began to campaign for drug laws to be reviewed to stop the world from losing another Martha. In her own words “every day 10 people die in the UK from a drug-related death, 10 families become me. The current laws are outdated - so it’s time for a change, therefore I do what I can to raise awareness on this issue by telling my story”. Anne-Marie believes that all dangerous substances should be strictly legally regulated in order to protect the young and the vulnerable. This means there would be a request for ID (18+), they would be licensed, labelled with a list of ingredients and recommended dosage.

    Anne-Marie was recently voted as one of the UK’s most inspirational people, voted by the public as part of a competition ran by the Independent Newspaper. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/the-independents-happy-list-2017-a7797851.html#gallery

    Hear Anne-Marie’s story and be inspired by her determination.

    Timing : 3.15

    Suitable for : Adults and 16+


  • The Joyce Girl with Annabel Abbs

    Annabel, author of the international best-seller and prize-winning novel, The Joyce Girl, and a judge on this year’s Impress Prize for New Writers will be talking about how to get your work in print, how to enter and win writing prizes and competitions, the importance of overseas markets, and why you need to start calling yourself a writer – today.

    Timing : 12.30

    Suitable for : Adults and 16+


  • Reading to your Kids with Oxford Story Museum

    How do we choose what books to read to our kids? What characters will help fire their imagination? Isy, from the Oxford Story Museum will introduce you to and celebrate those Childhood Story Heroes who captured our own imagination and took up permanent residence in our head. Pirates and pranksters, witches and woodland creatures, monsters and mythical heroes, these fictional friends can be as vivid as real people, and considerably more interesting.

    Timing : 15.15

    Suitable for : Adults

  • Sleep is for the Weak with Emily-Jane Clark

    As a parent of young kids, is ‘stolen sleep’ your norm? As an anti-dote to those self-righteous self-help books on how to bring up your child, freelance Journalist, Emily-Jane Clark has written an hilarious book ‘Sleep is for the Weak’ based on her award winning blog. Covering everything from friendship, marriage, post natal depression and how not to kill your partner, this unique book is designed as a source of inspiration, laughter and hope for parents struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel of tiredness. Meet, Emily-Jane: mother of two small girls and her fresh take on how to deal with 'the sleep thieves'.

    Timing : 2.00

    Suitable for : Adults



    Love gardening? Love other people's beautiful gardens? Then you are in for a special treat...Michael and Anne Heseltine describe the 40 years of ups and downs of transforming and expanding a wild, overgrown and dilapidated woodland into the garden they have today at Thenford House on the Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire border.

    Timing : 2pm to 3pm

    Suitable for : Adults or 16+