• Characters and Quests with Philip Davies

    Can you escape what you are meant to be? The Making of a Fantasy Story: with examples from his Destiny series, Philip S. Davies will introduce what makes a story "fantasy" and invite you to have a go yourself.

    Timing : 2.00pm

    Suitable for : 8-14


  • Atomic Tom and his Wacky Science Show

    An Atomic Science show is a rollercoaster of scientific fun with experiments, activities, demonstrations and lots of excitement. We can learn how planes stay in the air, how to make a vortex-or maybe even some of our famous and (mostly) safe explosions! Fun for the whole family and maybe a little bit of imaginative learning in there too!

    Timing : 3.15pm

    Suitable for : all – adults too


  • Creating Aliens with Ross Montgomery

    A girl discovers an incredible shape-shifting alien, and secretly raises him as a little brother. There's only one problem - Perijee won't stop eating everything! Join Ross Montgomery (Former Pig Farmer, Postman, Teacher, now Author) and create your very own alien - bringing it to life using descriptive writing skills, including vivid language, adjectives, similes and metaphors. Perfect for children with active imaginations and all those who love aliens!

    Timing : 12:30

    Suitable for : ages up 7-12


  • Being Miss Nobody with Tamsin Winter

    Find your own voice with Tamsin Winter…Tamsin Winter is the author of Being Miss Nobody, told through the eyes of Rosalind, an eleven-year-old girl who can’t speak. As well as reading from the book, Tamsin’s interactive session will explore the themes of anxiety, bullying, speaking out, and the double-edged power of social media – be prepared to get involved in the discussion.

    Timing : 11:00

    Suitable for : ages 11+


  • Finding your hero with Joss Stirling

    Joss Stirling is a multi-award winning writer for children and young adults. Former British diplomat and Oxfam policy adviser, she has now published over fifty books in genres ranging from historical adventure to fantasy. Read carefully and you’ll spot all sorts of material from her diplomatic and Oxfam careers popping up in unexpected places. She has a doctorate in English literature from Oxford. She also writes under the names Julia Golding (children's fiction) and Eve Edwards (YA historical fiction).

    Writing as Stirling, 'Finding Sky' was shortlisted for the German Children's Literature Award 2013. In the UK, Struck won both the YA Romantic Novel and overall prize of the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015 - the first YA book to win the top prize in the long history of this prestigious award.

    Over three-quarter of a million of her books have been sold worldwide in many languages.

    Timing : 2.00pm

    Suitable for : 8-16


  • The Bad Bunnies Magic Show with Mini Grey

    Laugh out loud as Mini Grey reads from her novelty book ‘The Bad Bunnies Magic Show’. Enjoy the antics of the rabbit characters of Abra and Cadabra, and get to draw and create your own characters for your own surprise mini-books. Winner of many awards, Mini Grey is a visually exciting illustrator as well as a highly accomplished storyteller. Learn from the best.

    Timing : 12:30

    Suitable for : ages up to 10


  • A Berlin Love Song with Sarah Matthias

    Forbidden love in the harsh realities of war…a wartime love story that has friendship, hope, loss and despair. Lili, proud of her Romani heritage, falls for a German boy at a time when love between a Romani and a German is strictly forbidden. Having worked on historical documentaries for the BBC and avidly researched the persecution of Romani families in Nazi Germany, Sarah Matthias fictional account, while a product of imagination, could so easily have happened. Meet Sarah, learn about the story’s heroes and the research that inspired this story.

    Timing : 11.00

    Suitable for : for ages 12 to 18